R.I.P. Rip Part 1

I look in the mirror at myself and smile. My wedding dress finally fits perfectly. I bend over to buckle my shoes and my heart drops as I hear the sheer, translucent fabric rip from my arched back. I freeze. I turn around to look in the mirror. My revealed skin catches the cold draft in the tailoring room. There it is a 3-inch rip in my dress on the left side of my back.

I walk out of the changing room with my eyes wide as if I’d seen a ghost. My mom says, “Oh honey you look beautiful! What’s wrong?” I turn around and she gasps, the seamstress gathers a troubled look. The fabric is too thin to sew together and the only option is to cover it with lace or an Applica. The seamstress says there is nothing she can do unless we go to a fabric store and find a similar lace to cover it with. I signed the release forms with tears welling up in my eyes, and we drove home with the dress

The next day, my mother and I go to the fabric store to look for a lace that is similar to that on my wedding dress. We find one that is extremely similar, but the color is a brighter white. It’ll have to do. We take the lace to the fabric-cutting lady and pull my wedding dress out of the bag to ask her what we should do. “This tear is not bad at all. It is intimidating, but it really shouldn’t be hard to fix. The lace you chose will work great! I know this kind of stuff because I make costumes for plays and musicals.” She says.

My mom and I both sigh in relief. We decide to find a different tailor to fix the tear because the lady we had spoken with before seemed like she wasn’t thrilled to see us back. We drove to a little shop in Bellevue not far from home. We walk in and there are photos covering the walls of women in wedding, prom, and formal dresses dating back to the early 80’s.

I put on my dress for the seamstress and she smiles. “You’re a beautiful bride,” she says, “I can fix your dress, no problem!” She points out a rip in the lace on the front that I hadn’t even noticed that the previous seamstress tried to fix, but gave up. “That was there before. There are a lot of flaws in this fabric, none of these tears is your fault!” I left the dress with her and we went home. What an emotional time. I really hope my dress will survive. It’s like waiting for your child to get out of surgery.


6 thoughts on “R.I.P. Rip Part 1

  1. I must say, even though it was probably a very emotional time, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog post. Your writing is really good, especially when describing emotions and situations. I was able to picture your story very nicely with all of the cool descriptive words.
    I feel like this is one of every bride’s worst nightmares, but it sounds like you handled it like a boss.

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    1. I also loved the title of this blog post!! It caught my attention without a doubt

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  2. What a great story!

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